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And The Addiction Grows

And The Addiction Grows

Hey guys, its Timmy again. Your local former Adderall man. Glad you came back to read my silly story. I hope it’s impacted you or whatever. Just kidding. I’m really pouring my heart out here, my life story on the internet for anyone to ogle.

So anyway, as I said, good old Kevin got me addicted to Adderall. I don’t think he meant to, never thought that. But it became a problem pretty quick and neither of us knew how to address it.

My body grew tolerant to the drug. That meant over time my body grew used to it and the effects. So the pills Kevin gave me ran out super quick. I needed more and more Adderall to get the kick I needed to succeed. My grades started going down. I was lazy on the court. My girlfriends got wind of each other and dumped me easy.

Without enough Adderall, I’d crash and burn. It killed me in those first days when I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have time to spend days in bed recovering but when the Adderall wore off it was all I could do to keep breathing. My parents didn’t know what to do. They thought I was the normal kind of depressed.

They were concerned and did their best, but they couldn’t know their kid was falling into the depressing spiral that is prescription drug addiction.

Kevin tried to help, but he couldn’t keep up with what I needed. So I had to find some guys that could. It wasn’t hard to get a hookup man, the internet is a useful look that. Every town has those shady dudes sitting around the park ready to hook you up with drugs.

Took some conversing online with the right kids at school and I had an in. The Adderall was all mine baby, and I was on fire again.

I still didn’t know I had a problem, even when my drug habit emptied my wallet. I didn’t have the time for a real job, so when the guys offered to cut me in on dealing I thought, “Why the hell not?”

I became the dealer for my high school. It was no big deal, you know? I was proof drugs wouldn’t kill you. I mean, that’s what I thought as I fought through my days at school, dark circles under my eyes, always laughing a little too hard and a little too loud.

Next time we’ll talk about how I got caught selling drugs.