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How and Why Adderall Addiction Starts

How and Why Adderall Addiction Starts

Hey guys, time for another nice little info dump from me. Still here to try and help people with their problems, as always.

For me, my Adderall addiction was pretty easy to understand, you know? I needed some help being the perfect son, the perfect student, the perfect athlete. Adderall encouraged me and pushed me forward. Then it helped me make money.

But it didn’t start out as an addiction, and that is where it gets you because it never starts an addiction. It pushed its way into my love and shoved everything out of the way. Adderall can be insanely addictive, especially when used regularly and inappropriately as I did.

Adderall structure is pretty easy to understand. There four ingredients: Dextroamphetamine saccharate, Amphetamine Aspartate, Dextroamphetamine Sulfate, and Amphetamine Sulfate, and can stimulate the brain.

There are quite a few ways to use Adderall, more than just swallowing a pill. Where’s the fun in that right? Plus, taking it other ways often can increase the speed at which the drugs take effect. Obviously, I’m not trying to give anyone instructions on how to use or what to use or when to use or…any type of drug use. I’m just trying to help people understand where it all really comes from.

One way that was pretty popular for me when I needed to get the speed quickly and get to work studying all night was mixing Adderall and Redbull. Yeah, ashamed to say I was really into that stuff back then. Had to stay awake and get on that grind, and Redbull assisted.

Mixing Adderall and Redbull together was like an explosion of energy, I’m not even sure how to describe it. Caffeine only fanned the fire, and I was definitely not going to sleep that night. Often that combo would keep me going through the night and until noon the next morning. Of course, I couldn’t crash at school so I’d just keep the high going.

That’s one way that the addiction gets you. There’s no time to handle the crash, so you just keep using and using, and your body keeps building tolerance and asking for more. When I was at school though I didn’t need people catching on, so I kept the Redbull to my nightly routine.

Instead, at school, I’d head into the bathroom, crush up a pill, and end up snorting Adderall XR to get myself through the rest of the day. If I was lucky the crash would come when I hit home. Sometimes it would come midway through practice, and I’d have to leave.

My coach was worried about me, though I was getting depressed. I probably was. Signs of Adderall addiction can all too easily be confused for the average teenage wasteland of emotions. He would never have suspected.

All in all, addiction shows up, and you don’t even notice it, because you’re too busy using. So the best way to avoid that at all is just by not using drugs, to begin with.