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How It All Began

How It All Began

I’m Timmy, and I abused prescription pills for way too long a time. Let me tell you my story, and I hope it helps you with whatever you may be going through.

When I was sixteen, a friend got me started on Adderall. I was on the debate team, played basketball, and was in all Advanced Placement classes. I loved school, and I enjoyed learning, but my parents had all these expectations that were wearing me out.

With all the homework and studying and of course hanging out with friends I was burning out. And fast. My flames were sputtering. What kind of kid needs all of that responsibility?

Adderall was supposed to get me through the day. Kevin said it was like caffeine but better, and I believed him. His doctor prescribed it so I didn’t think it could be bad. Doctors don’t hand out medications that can hurt you! I learned real quick that was not the right way to think about it.

So sure, at first it really helped. Man, I finished projects early, and I stayed late with the team. I was on fire and exploding, and I didn’t need sleep. After a while, I couldn’t function without it, of course.

I liked the way it made me feel at first. I was uber focused, like a laser. They say lightning never strikes twice and well, neither did I. My teachers were impressed, my coach was impressed, my parents were impressed. Man, I juggled two girlfriends for over three months. Yes, two girlfriends. I’m not proud of it by any means, but I’m just trying to explain how on top of the world I was.

The side effects did not even seem so bad at first. I had dry mouth, and yeah that sucked, but it made me drink more water which was better for my health anyway. And I had trouble sleeping, but I didn’t have time to sleep when I was trying to manage what felt like four different Timmys at once.

Headaches could be fixed with some Tylenol. I was never hungry, so I always made sure I had crackers or something. I had a protein shake in the morning. I wasn’t letting the drugs affect me or anything. Man, I was handling it.

You get it, right? I was handling it the way you handle any drug problem. Until you can’t anymore.