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The Joys Of Prison Life

The Joys Of Prison Life

Guys, you’re still with me? Cool, cool. Just letting you know, this isn’t a feel-good story, not really. It’s more of a cautionary tale or a warning.

Let’s get to it.

I was so close to graduating from high school. I didn’t have the best grades anymore of course, but they were good enough to finish. But nope. I got my GED in the big house.

But first, I experienced withdrawal.

Remember how I said I grew tolerant to the drug? Well, that leads to addiction, and addiction meant I couldn’t stop using the drug or my body would go through all sorts of painful and unpleasant symptoms.

They don’t give a damn in prison if you’re going through withdrawal. Adderall was considered a drug for softies. Yeah, it wasn’t hard enough to matter to them.

I managed it, but man those were the worst few days of my life.

I knew I’d let my mom and dad down and do something that would change my life. Forever. And I was sitting there alone in my cell sweating and puking and crying and it was so bad guys. I thought I was dying. I wasn’t of course.

But I thought I was dying and I prayed to God, and I told Him that if He helped me get through this, I would never use drugs again. I’d suffer at my ineptitude just like every other human.

He did it. He made sure I made it through. I was shaky and weak as a newborn lamb, and I gave it all up. I decided to grow up, and I never looked back.

So prison was a time to find out who I was without drugs.

You know, I spent the most important parts of my childhood freaking addicted to drugs. I didn’t know who I was, and I stopped growing. I’d been stuck in the same rut for years, and finally, now I was ready to stretch my wings.

The prison was not fun. Guys are mean in prison. They want to start fights at the smallest things. The guards don’t even care. They let the fights go on a bit just for entertainment until at least there’s some blood. They can’t let there be too much blood.

I was a kid, but I was big, so people tried to duke it out with me. I didn’t fight back much, but I defended myself. I was lucky that after a few punches thrown people decided I was too much trouble to mess with.

Things did get a bit crazy for a while though.