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This Is The End

This Is The End

Hey guys, this is it. Yup, we’re winding down to the end of my story. I can’t believe you stuck around to the end and I can’t believe I’m even here to share it with you.

Once I got on my anti-depressants things took a turn for the better. I decided if I couldn’t find work then I might as well make myself useful and go back to school. That’s right: your boy Timmy got his MASTERS.

I majored in Psychology. I was inspired by the way my life and views changed when it came to my anti-depressants. I figured there needed to be more people who had a personal stake in this business.

I volunteer at my community center and I speak about my problems to kids. It’s so easy when you’re young not to see the dangers of your actions. I make sure they know how easy it was to mess up. I won’t go so far as to say kids relate well to me or anything, I know I hated adults who acted like they were on my level.

But I also showed them what real hope is. It is 100 percent possible to fix your life no matter how hard you screwed up, and I made sure that forgiveness is always in the cards if you want to it and work for it.

I worked my butt off in school, and years down the road I was so qualified they didn’t care about stuff that happened when I was a kid. And it only made me more effective and empathetic in my work.

I’m glad to share my story on this wide plain of the internet. If my story made even one person feel a bit positive about their future, then I did good.

Thanks for sticking around,