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When A Drug Addict Gets Depressed

When A Drug Addict Gets Depressed

Hey, it’s Timmy as per usual. Guess you guys know the drill now, haha. Everything wasn’t sunshine and daisies when I got out of prison, far from it. Apparently being a felon can really impede on your job prospects.

Mom and dad were happy when I got out. We knew it was time for me to really take charge. I was ready to be an adult. I was 23 and free and. . . I had no idea what to do.

I was a kid when I went to jail, and that does not prepare you for the real world — not one bit. I was so not ready for the judgment I got. I had to tick the little box next to a felon on job applications and immediately get rejected.

I’d go to job interviews, and it would go so well until they told me they needed to do a background check. I was always up front and told them my deal, but it just never worked out.

Depression hit hard. I didn’t understand at first. It was the crash from the Adderall, but I wasn’t doing any drugs. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get out of bed? Why was food all so unappealing?

I started to worry about my parents. They thought I was using again. Man, I was kinda acting like it. But I swore up and down I wasn’t so they took me to a doctor.

The doc diagnosed me with depression. He tried to get me on drugs, but I was like, yo, I’m a former drug addict.

I resisted the pill because I thought I couldn’t take them. I thought it would be a break in my promise to God. But the depression only got worse, and I still couldn’t get a job and soon I wasn’t even trying.

Life was hell. Finally, finally, I tried some medicine.

We all knew the risks. My parents knew the signs to look out for. My mom gave me my meds in the morning, making sure I wouldn’t abuse them.

And man, I managed it. A former drug addict taking drugs again, but this time it was okay. I found the anti-depressant that worked best for me and now I’m doing okay. It is actually possible to live a normal life, and I’m proud to say that’s me.

I found a job, and I found success, but that’s a story for the next post.